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Wooden Stall Designer Booth Fabricator Medical Fair India Mumbai
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Wooden Stall Designer Booth Fabricator Medical Fair India Mumbai

Wooden Stall Designer Booth Fabricator Medical Fair India Mumbai

Wooden Stall Designer Booth Fabricator Medical Fair India Mumbai:-

Wooden Stall Designer Booth Fabricator Medical Fair India Mumbai
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About Medical Fair India – Mumbai,

MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2018 in Mumbai immediately after the successful MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2017. This year’s three-day event finished in New Delhi on 8 April, having attracted 13,480 trade visitors and 519 exhibitors. Exhibitors’ registrations for the 24th edition of this leading medical tradeshow on the Indian market are now being received in large numbers.

One major component of the MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2018 in Mumbai will be CLIN LAB INDIA again, after the good reception of its première among visitors and attracting much attention in 2017. The conference, jointly organized by Scherago and Messe Düsseldorf India, will follow the trend in focusing on lab medicine. It will also be accompanied by an exhibition. Moreover, as there has been so much demand for bookings, the exhibition space will be expanded by more than half its former size, reaching over 500 square meters.

The MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2018 will be held at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre from 16 to 18 March 2018.

Pixelmate Custom Booth Designer Fabricator Medical Fair India Mumbai:-

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