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Best Exhibition Stall Designer Fabricator Agrovision 2017 India
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Best Exhibition Stall Designer Fabricator Agrovision 2017 India

Best Exhibition Stall Designer Fabricator Agrovision 2017 India

Best Exhibition Stall Designer Fabricator Agrovision 2017 India:-

Best Exhibition Stall Designer Fabricator Agrovision 2017 India
3D Stall Designer Fabricator Agrovision 2017 India ,Wooden Stall Fabricator Designer , Creative Stall Designer Fabricator Agrovision 2017 India, Award Winning Stall Maker Agrovision 2017 India

About Agrovision 2017 india 

Agrovision, Central India’s Biggest Agri Summit, is the right place to experience the present and plan the future of Indian Agriculture. The 8th edition of Agrovision commenced on 11th November 2016 at Reshimbagh Ground with the focal theme “Innovations in Agriculture”.

Covering an area of 23,000 sqm, 8th Agrovision was one of the biggest expo in the Agrovision history. Over 400 well known companies from the agri sector participated in the exhibition to showcase their products and services and the expo was visited by lakhs of farmers. With the zealous participation from all the agriculture related factors, this ‘Krishi Pandhari’ from Vidarbha was concluded on 14 November 2016. the show will highlight the scope where the Indian agricultural sector can achieve new height of success.

Pixelmate Best Stall Exhibitions Service Provider 

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Trade Show Booth Builder PackPlus 2017 New Delhi India
May 4, 2017 0 Comments

Trade Show Booth Builder PackPlus 2017 New Delhi India

Trade Show Booth Builder PackPlus 2017 New Delhi India
Best Custom Stall Designer Fabricator Packplus Expo 2017, 3D best designer Fabricator Packplus 2017 Pragati Maidan

Trade Show Booth Builder PackPlus 2017 New Delhi India:-

  • Packaging Machines, Materials & Equipment
  • Coding & Marking Solutions
  • Flexo, Gravure, Offset & Screen Printing Presses
  • Label Printing Equipment
  • Corrugated Box Making Machinery
  • Paper, Film, Foil, Inks & Other Consumables
  • Food Production & Processing Equipment
  • Barcodes & RFID
  • Rigid & Flexible Packaging
  • Flexible Intermediate Container
  • Woven, Sacks & other Bulk Packaging Solutions
  • End-Of- Line Packaging Solutions
  • Supply Chain, Logistics and Material Handling
About Packplus 2017

The packaging market in India will see next level of growth with the ten fold rise in Indian middle class population and the world’s giant multinationals taking rapid strides in India’s food, beverage, health and beauty, and pharmaceuticals sectors.With every edition, PackPlus is emerging more successfully as a business platform for both visitors and exhibitors. Explore a gallore of opportunities related to packaging converting, processing and supply chain industries.

Pixelmate Best Stall  Maker Packplus Expo 2017 Pragati maidan  New Delhi :-

Trade Show  Booth Contactor Packing Industry 2017 Pragati  Maidan

Custom Stall Designer Fabricator  PackPlus 2017

Wooden Booth Maker Packplus 2017 Pragti maidan

Custom Stand Builder Packplus 2017 New Delhi

3D Stand Builder Packplus 2017

Wooden Stall Designer Fabricator Packplus 2017 New Delhi Pragati maidan

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3D Stall Maker PackPlus 2017 Pragati Maidan ,Wooden Stall Fabricator Paragti Maidan , Trade Show Booth Builder Packplus 2017.

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