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Trade Show Booth Builder India Telecom Expo New Delhi
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Trade Show Booth Builder India Telecom Expo New Delhi

Trade Show Booth Builder India Telecom Expo New Delhi

Trade Show Booth Builder India Telecom Expo New Delhi:-

Trade Show Booth Builder India Telecom Expo New Delhi

Stall Builder India Telecom Expo Delhi, Wooden Stand Maker India Telecom Expo New Delhi, Pixelmate India Telecom Expo New Delhi, Booth Fabricator India Telecom Expo DelhiAbout India Telecom Expo,

India Telecom is an international conference and exhibition with a focus on telecommunications. The fair provides a platform for manufacturers and users in the industry. India Telecom conference 2018 is India’s leading international ICT platform for the global community to connect, debate, network and share knowledge.

The main objective of the event is to provide opportunities to Indian telecom exporters to meet qualified overseas buyers. This event provides one to one meeting opportunities between buyers from different countries and Indian exporters who can enlighten them about their products and technology solutions.

The India Telecom will take place on 2 days from Thursday, 28. June to Friday, 29. June 2018 in New Delhi.

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