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Exhibition Stall designer in India Habitat Center Delhi

Exhibition Stall designer in India Habitat Center Delhi

Pixalmate media exhibition Design Company. A Design company that escape the general tradition exhibition not only in a professional design but also to professional services ,Quality, efficient, professional is our design team rules. Team and project handling And timely services to customers in the project staff at any side. pixelmate media exhibition designed for: Live YOUR IDEAS, to require accurate customer reach and sublime ideas and design concepts and operations. We are also Designer and Fabricator for India Habitat Center Delhi.
These are some of the numerous solutions provided to our clients, enabling them to showcase their exhibits with in a flawlessly designed and built exhibition stand for you. Select any of the solutions for your exhibiting needs and get back to us through the chat option, or contact us on the mobile phone number provided, or else, just fill up the contact us form displayed on our website. Pixelmate media provides the solutions in any exhibition centers located in Delhi, Noida or New Delhi.

Below are the different solutions we provide for our clients that they can showcase their exhibitions
with a solid perfection

  • Modular exhibition stalls and customized exhibition stand designs and fabricate in Delhi And New Delhi
  • Custom exhibition Booth design in Delhi
  • Portable exhibition stall and booths in Delhi
  • Reusable custom exhibition stall in Delhi
  • Exhibition booth deployment in Delhi
  • Trade show booth Fabricator in Delhi
  • Mall activations in any mall across Delhi
  • Society brand activation services in Delhi
  • Corporate brand activation service in Delhi and Noida
  • Airport activation service in Delhi, Domestic airport and International airport in Delhi
  • Eco-friendly exhibition stands and stall in Delhi
  • Backdrop designer service in Delhi
  • Trade show display stand in Delhi


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