Exhibition Stall Designer Fabricator Poultry India 2017 Hyderabad

Exhibition Stall Designer Fabricator Poultry India 2017 Hyderabad:-

Exhibition Stall Designer Fabricator Poultry India 2017 Hyderabad
3D Stall Builder Poultry India 2017, Trade Show Booth Builder Poultry India

About Poultry India

It is a known fact that, an effective way to develop business is from trade shows and successful exhibition.

Numerous studies have confirmed that exhibitions are a unique marketing tool and an excellent medium for business communications. According to a recent research, 85% of business leaders make purchasing decisions of some kind during exhibitions and consider it a  best place to get information about their field. Around 70% of exhibitors consider exhibitions to be the tool with the highest rate of return on investment. Exhibitions are unique in their ability to familiarise professionals with the full breadth of progress in a field so quickly, allow them to test new products personally and get experts’ advice.

Across the world poultry market, India ranks sixth (using FAOSTAT rankings). The domestic poultry industry is the fastest growing segment with a compound growth rate of 18%. Poultry meat  being the most popular meat in India, it has been receiving significant boost through investments. Latest techniques of breeding, hatching, rearing and processing have transformed the poultry sector tremendously. Popularization of hybrid poultry breeds, thanks to efforts by both government and private sectors, has brought in more profits. Boiler meat production in India is estimated at about 4.8 million tonnes annually. India’s poultry industry, which includes broilers and eggs, is worth $ 12.96 Billion annually .

Egg production has increased from 30 billion in 2000 to 65 billion in 2014, with per capita egg consumption increasing form 28 to 65 per year during the period. India now ranks as one of the fastest growing major world poultry markets.

Poultry India, an international standard exhibition for the poultry industry has been formed by studing the needs and objectives of the above facts and has been playing a important role in the modernisation of the economy of Poultry Industry in India. Poultry India has continued its efforts and reach every year to bring new businesses in technologies, poultry nutrition and animal health from all around the work to India.


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