Exhibition Stall Designer AAHAR Delhi
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Custom Stall Designer AAHAR Delhi

Custom Stall Designer AAHAR Delhi:-

About AAHAR Delhi,

AAHAR The International Food & Hospitality Fair, New Delhi, India, is in its 33rd year. Organized by India Trade Promotion Organisation (the premier trade promotion body of the Government of India), AAHAR is one of Asia best-known brands in Food & Hospitality shows. 

The show has grown by leaps & bounds in recent years and is today the well-known destination for global vendors and sourcing professionals.

Exhibition Stall Fabricator AAHAR New Delhi :-

Below are the different trade show exhibit solutions we provide for our clients in or exhibiting in AAHAR 2019 that they can showcase their products with a solid perfection

Get in touch with Pixelmate it is the Trade Show Company who helps you to setup your booth, exhibition stands in AAHAR 2019, Delhi. Get in touch with us through Chat and by contacting us on our Number for the Trade Show and Exhibition Solutions in AAHAR 2019, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India.

Product group:
Processed food except for alcoholic beverages, Packaging machinery and equipment, Milling machinery, Air conditioning, Refrigeration, and cold storage systems. Hotel, Dairy, and confectionery, Restaurant and kitchen equipment, Health and fitness equipment, Consultancy services, Alcoholic beverages. 

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