What Is exhibition Design

Show designed to showcase the design of the subject matter, the broader is described, displayed with light is indirectly subject matter, to express a the show objects protagonist a design. In other words, the subject matter has a supporting role character display design. Display design from the scope can be as large Fairgrounds, museums, art galleries, to shopping malls, stores, temporary celebration venue to showcase and display counter (sample cabinet), but are based on convincing display as the main concept.

Show the contents of the design process, the main show was planning to show the development of the theme show with lights, indicating respect, including the collection of standard instructions and ancillary space (such as a large exhibition space, disinfection, toilet, tea space, rest, and so on).   From a certain perspective, exhibition design is an emerging industry, the larger scale and more fixity display design shall vest in the architectural design, the smaller display design attributable to interior design, attributable to the temporary exhibition design Arts and Crafts or interior design. So what factors make from the large to the fairgrounds, museums, art galleries, in shopping malls, stores, temporary celebration venue, small windows and showcase counter (the sample cabinet) will re-designed to showcase the industry to understand it? This is due to the first aspect, may be to demonstrate the main concepts of the foregoing; may be the second aspect is the Business Expo or exhibition of a short period of time, the beginning of the twentieth century the rise in the late nineteenth century; third aspect, World War II After large-scale stores or shopping malls due to the exquisite, specialization, etc..   Therefore, the development of display design showcase content planning, displays often positioned informative, trafficking, celebration, recreation, entertainment, educational, etc. quintiles. The ability to display design: the ability to sell items or the concept of Investigation and Planning, the ability of the three-dimensional shape (aesthetics, building materials and construction), lighting and temporary electrical and mechanical equipment knowledge, attract a crowd arrangements for capacity crowds moving lines.